Friday, January 26, 2007

In Progress

I've got some more to do with this one, but just in case I toss it aside and never finish it completely, I though I'd add it to the blog.
I love all the little garnets in this iece and mixed with the green agate it gives me the feeling of juicy red flowers for the hummingbird to dine on. Though it doesn't show very well in the picture (will I ever become a good jewelry photographer?) the larger flat stones are citrine one of my perennial faves and my birthstone as well.
There's an Austrian crystal for some bling and Ido love the moss agate centerpiece cab. I just keep practicing in this form because it soothes me to do the work, and hey maybe someday I'll do something good enough to sell *giggle*


99% Bachelor said...

I see your blog. Really very good effort. and usefull info too.

keep doing

Best Wishes
99% bachelor

fiona said...

don't toss it aside... its a masterwork in the making!