Monday, February 18, 2008

Sweet Lady of the Night is complete :)

I am quite excited that I finished my latest goddess pendant. I blogged about her prior to her completion when she was just the pendant . Now I have added a beautiful chain glistening with garnets, (I do adore garnets) , lots of sterling silver beads in all shapes and sizes, some hematitie for grounding energies and 28 sterling wire wrapped on a mandrel. I used beaten sterling silver for the handmade clasp, and the necklace is strung on .19 Beadalon. I'm leaving for this cool spa vacation with one of my daughters tomorrow and am just totally happy to get this one finished and hopefully listed.

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Heather Hughes said...

Your wire-wrap is amazing. I love how the loops framing Lady's face look like the curls of her silver hair. She's beautiful!