Monday, March 10, 2008


a few thoughts

the other day i was thinking just what is magick?? a
few things hit
me last night at 2 in the morning, please bare with me
while i try to
sort them out.

to me magick is a rainbow after a devistating storm,
the fact that
people can pick up an rebuild just because that
rainbow is there.
magick is a volcano erupting, causing massive
destruction, yet at the
same time, rebuilding the earth.

to me magick is a baby's smile. your pets
unconditional love, the
fact they seem to know exactly when you need them to
be there for you
without a word being said. the whisperings of your
first love, or
even your last love, and every love inbetween.

to me magick is being honored with being in the room
when someone
crosses over. with being honored to be allowed to be
in the room when
a life comes into this world. and to realize what an
honor both of
those things are.

to me magick is that jolt that you feel when you meet
that someone
right, whether that person is right for a few minutes,
a few months,
a few years, or even that right someone. its the fact
that you have
come to love yourself, and know even if that person is
the right one,
you don't NEED that person to make you feel good about
because you already do.

to me magick is looking at the stars and wondering,
what is out
there?? that moment of discovery when suddenly
something all clicks,
even if its as simple as your homework, or finding
that cure for that
thing you've been looking for. that feeling of
accomplishment, when
you finish a project, its done and you know YOU did

to me magick is not the fact that we cast spells to
solve every
problem, but the fact that we can solve problems, even
spells. the fact that when we need to we can cast a
spell, say a
prayer, or do whatever.

these are just a few things magick is to me......but
most of all to
me magick is the ability to believe. believe in what??
does it really
matter in the end?? its just the ability to believe.

stayce mason
copyright 2005
all right reserved, can be shared as long as proper
copyright and
credit is given

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