Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween in Missouri

Halloween has long been a favorite holiday for me, and last night proved to be an exceptionally good celebration. The little spooks enjoyed bobbing for apples, Halloween crafts, eating spooky finger cookies and, of course, the most fun of all - trick or treating. The weather was more than cooperative with temps near 70, most unusual and most welcome for this time of years. And now I'll let the pictures speak for themselves and show you my family in all their regalia.

Granddaughter Anah age 5 was one of the pirate crew.

I joined the pirates and loved putting my perennial favorite "Billy Bob" teeth and posing with my daughter's Dracula statue.

My son in law was so creepy even his own daughter wasn't sure she wanted to hang out with him and youngest daughter did try to outrun him LOL.. Oldest daughter won the prize for prettiest sexiest witch around! A good time was had by ALL...


Unknown said...

Rose what wonderful weather and everyone looks
great especially you !!!! Glad all had such a goo time.

Chauncey said...

Great looking bunch of Halloweeners, Rose. Glad you had a good time.

Beth said...

loved the post, terrific costumes also.