Monday, November 10, 2008

Time for a Short Trip

After an incredibly busy weekend which included a baby shower for Josiah who will likely becoming home very soon, and a birthday party for
Tai Minh, who is now one, and having five year old Anah with me while her Mom was on a mini vacation to New Orleans, I am getting an all paid for wee little
trip to Illinois where daughter #2 has a meeting. We're leaving in about an hour and will drive there and then I get to loll about in the hot tub and lovely hotel room, and also meet up with a jewelry making friend I met online, while daugther attends dreary meetings. Will get to eat lovely food in the evenings all paid for, and maybe even get in some shopping. Will be fab to have a change of scenery even if I am staying in the Midwest and it's cold and rather dank here, at least I'm out of my house! Leaving today and be back home Wednesday night.. LOL I aid Short!!

This is the first trip type adventure I've attempted while doing withdrawal, but see no reason not to give it a whirl. I'm a week away from the last cut I made and other than a meltdown at WalMart ( and come on who hasn't melted down in that hell hole?), I am feeling stable, and quite excited that I have only one more cut to go on this coming Sunday which will bring me down to 1.25 mg which I will dose with for two weeks, and then I'm done. Reading other people's stories I find that some folks do have symptoms of CNS damage long after they quit taking the medication. But, of course, I am not those "other people".. I am ME and I intend that any lingering symptoms will be mild and short lived!

I am already seeing great leaps in the memory department. Benzodiazapenes are notorious for screwing up the old memory bank, and I had gotten to the point that it was difficult to retain any type of information. Therefore I am elated that I remembered my newly assigned ATM pin without a hitch, and my daughter's address. This may seem small, but to me it is a big step forward in my recovery.

So how about a little graitude to get me started on my journey:

I appreciate this great opportunity for a bit of travel.

I celebrate my continued progress on the benoz withdrawl.

I am so happy that my great grandson is doing so well and will be home soon.

I appreciate the lovely weekend just past that I spent with Anah and her cousin Lainey. How delightful are these two little girls with their huge imaginations, their childish laughter, and their uncompromising unconditional love for their Mooma.

I am grateful for the chance to play snuggle bug with Anah and wake up with her beside me, all dewy eyed with sleep, but with a ready smile.

I live a wonderfully blessed life and I sure do appreciate that as well.



Zuda Gay Pease said...

Wonderful blessings to be thankful for, EllieFae!!! Have a wonderful time on your little trip. Illinois isn't too bad of a place to visit for a bit.

Unknown said...

roseg. So glad you can have a little trip and relax
in a hot tub . I love those.
Blessings and Peace. Love Joan