Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Step Forward

As I continue to reinvent myself I was able to take another step forward and volunteer at my granddaughter's Valentine Day's party. If I can handle a room full of squealing kindergarteners then I can do anything! Hooray for healing and progress!

I am grateful for grandchildren and their unconditional love!

And while I'm thinking about grandchldren.. I am also grateful for great grandchildren and the wonderful way in which Baby Josiah, my second great grandson is growing.. born at 27 weeks gestation, he now weighs over 12 lbs, is cooing, gooing, and smiling up a storm.

May you all be blessed today and every day~


AltheaP said...

Hmm, won't take my comment?

On a Whimsey said...

Well done indeed! A room full of small excited kids is daunting for the best of us!

Super photos and your grandson is a cutie!!!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Oh, there is nothing like a hug from those tiny little arms of kindergartners!!

Such wonderful news about Josiah.

Unknown said...

So happy about Josiah !!
I don't know how I would have gotten through the
past 9 years if it wasn't for my grandson.
Great blog !

joon said...

How beautiful, Ella. Thank you so much for sharing this. I used to teach in the 'kindergarten' wing - the only other classroom was my second grade because we didn't fit in the proper hallway! But the benefit was that years 3 and 4 brought me a student body full of little sweethearts who showered me with their tales of how they've been looking forward to and wishing to be in my class from their kindergarten days. It never occurred to me. You just don't know who pays attention to what. Well little ones are mindful of the smallest snippets of life!

Speaking of sweethearts, a new acquaintance came by my blog and sent me a convo to heap kind comments and thanked me extra for having your blog link as she loved your blog and your spirit shining through. :) Now how nifty is that? You were the only mention. Of course, I replied in complete, unbridled agreement. ox :)