Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm Knitting

Went to the library on Monday where an old friend is teaching knitting classes and I have been inspired to pick up my needles again. I finished a dishcloth in a gorgeous red yarn. I started it before Christmas, and today began another dishcloth in variegated blues. I find that these small pieces are a great way to introduce myself to new stitches.

I also ordered a kit for a delightful purse and some yarn for socks. Will be going to the city next week to pick up a bicycle for Anah's birthday and while I"m there am going to a local yarn shop to get some bamboo needles for the socks, and then I'm ready for the knitting adventure to begin in earnest.

I seem to have lost interest in jewelry making and certainly am not into selling it anymore, but need a new way to express myself creatively. I have two new books on collage making and am also tending to think about working in collage again sometime quite soon. It feels good to let go of the need to be a commercial success and to make art for its own sake alone

Today the sun is brightly shining and I plan to get out and work in the yard again. The days that have been available for working outside have been spotty so far this spring so I jump at any chance to get going out there. I am thinking to place my focus on the herb garden today as I have done little out there so far.

I am grateful for sunshine, energy and desire for gardening work, emerging creativity, reconnection with old friends and the love of my family.


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Rose said...

Glad your are back to knitting. Sometimes we just need to change or creativity and get recharged. Collage sounds good too! That's what I did.