Monday, November 16, 2009


Last week one of my favorite people and someone who I met online.. yes one does make real friends that way...came to visit me for several days. My friend is a cat breeder who raises and shows purebred Persians and Exotic Shorthaired cats. She also rescues cats and kittens from a local shelter and fosters them until she can take them to cat shows and put them up for adoption there. Right before she came to see me, she tweeted that she had found two brown kittens. Brown? I had never heard of brown cats before.

I was immediately interested. So I tweet my interest back at her and she says, "I can bring them down so you can see them and if you don't like them, I'll take them back." I said sure, bring em on down:)

Well, I fell in love. They are just so darn cute and yes they are really brown. According to my friend they are very likely a breed known as Havana Browns that have been bred from Siamese. No wonder I was hooked so easily. Siamese are just about my all time favorite breed of cat.

My older cats are really pissed and only now have started coming back into the house. They still hiss and shy away from the kittens like these two tiny scraps of life are going to do them so damage. But, they'll adjust or they'll spend more time outside. The kittens are here to stay.

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Milena said...

Your kittens are sooooo gorgeous!