Thursday, April 8, 2010

Letter to a friend

Hi Elizabeth,

I just love that picture.. the photographer was a very cute scoundrel who flattered me and told me my hair was like silk.. the photo shoot was fun.  Erin and I had some taken together and they will remind us of the fun we had in Mexico this year.

And yeah I look really great in the picture.. I needed that cause I was feeling pretty darned old when we first arrived.  Seemed like all my wrinkles showed up in the sun.  The picture taking session was a very positive note.

It took us a bit to settle in to the routine there.  For the first couple of days, Anah was a crazy kid.  She never drinks soda back here, and Erin let her try some.. not good!  But, we overcame that with time.

I managed some high anxiety and panic attacks quite well.  Just let em have their way with me and let em go.  I have come to think I will forever be challenged by my nerves.. oh well.. so it goes. 

I am really happy to be home.  We are hoping to do some renovations around here.  Getting a new furnace *fingers crossed*.. the old one literally belches fire into the hallway.. we rarely use it, but still.. going to go total electric.  We are also investing in a 24 ft above ground pool and I am working up my excitement for that one.  I am looking forward to having some old lady afternoons w/no children lol

Joe is working hard on the gardens.  We have peas sprouting, lettuce is up and the garlic and onions look good.  We had some hail here the day before I got home and it shredded some of the daffodils and knocked the blooms off of the forsythia.  The redbuds are getting ready to pop open.  My dogwood tree looks as if its still going to bloom.. wonder if its a boy?  I am thinking of going to a garden club meeting, becoming quite the socialite these days.

I am oh so relieved, happy, grateful to hear that Jake is ok.  I had not talked to you since you asked for prayers and just wanted him to be all right.  A new baby can really put us in touch with God I think.  Their innocence inspires me. 

The crocheted blanket sounds really cool.  What size hook will you use?  I have never crocheted anything with that itty bitty stuff, but love the way it looks.  I am going to start my first sweater soon.  I have the yarn, need to create the space and time I guess. 

And for sure babies always had a coming home outfit.  I think I still have the one I crocheted for Erin. 

We are all doing well.  Dylan remains in school and is now living in a trailer by himself.  He is learning how to be responsible for what happens in his life and I am very proud of him.  My oldest daughter is getting married in the summer.  This is her third marriage and his second I think, but they seem well suited and if I were doing the choosing I would pick him for her.  So, wedding plans are in the air!  I am doing the flowers.. been a long time since I did that so it should be fun.

How are your kids.. still at home? 

So glad you wrote.. our vibes must have crossed in the ether as I sat down I was going to write to you...



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