Monday, July 26, 2010


I feel it more with each passing day, the need to move to travel to leave the farm for a little space of time and see, feel, hear something different .

I'm thinking maybe Colorado would be good, a nice hot spring in which to soak would add to the flavor.  Looking at Glenwood Springs at the moment. In 1986 I spent the night in the Glenwood Springs hospital ER.  We were traveling West.  The old blue van held my husband, daughter, Erin (age 8) and friend and co-pilot, Bird-I. 

A sign caught my eye.  We were coming up on No Name, Colorado,_Colorado  and I just had to have a picture of our group gathered around the sign.  Everyone dutifully posed by the sign and we moved back to the old blue van to continue our journey.  OOPs.. I leaned against the van and Bird-I shut the sliding door and caught my finger, middle finger right hand.   Big ouch!.. not bad at first, it was hanging by a thread.

 We had no idea where the nearest hospital was located having no cell phones, BB's etc,  but a friendly fellow traveler offered that we could probably get help in Glenwood Springs.  And, thus we spent New Year's Evey, 1986 in the ER.  Finger successfully reattached and we drove on to Utah.  I do remember spending a lot of time with my finger up in the air to help with the pain.  WE were on the road for four weeks.  Came home, got the pics developed and I'll be damned if the No, Name Colorado picture did not come out!

Glenwood Springs and I have a history.  Maybe I'll go there again, but I won't stop at the No Name, Colorado sign.

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