Friday, May 2, 2008

Acidantheras Emerging

Last year on my granddaughter Anah's 4th birthday one of the aunts gave her some garden tools and some bulbs. All of the other little cousins helped her plant them in one of my flowers beds. I had never seen or heard of an acidanthera prior to this, but was pleasantly surprised to find them to be quite lovely and the smell ... what a wonderful aroma!

They are tender bulbs and so I dug them up and saved them for this spring, replanted them and waited - as I walked around the yard a few moments ago discovered that they are already coming up...deep green spears slicing through the mulch :)

While summer flowering bulbs can be a PITA in colder climates, I think they are worth the effort. As I look at this pic taken lat year I groove with the anticipation and excitement of seeing the transformation of spring... don't you???

Happy Beltaine!!


Zuda Gay Pease said...

I've never heard of it is beautiful!!!

Kim said...

What a beautiful flower! If you ever want to split them up....just let me know!! LOL