Monday, July 7, 2008

Cats in the Cradle

Just finished this necklace right before the 4th, but was busy with family over the weekend and am now catching up with a bit of a blog. I hurt my back again, was only cutting a bouquet for the table for my granddaughter's birthday, and whoops down on the ground, still sore and slow, but am grateful that I have a massage coming up on Thursday.

The necklace features a carved bone focal of a cat surrounded by flowers and the beads are China Jade and Sunstone punctuated with copper, and finished off with a handmade clasp. First necklace I've made in a while, and am hoping to work on jewelry today combined with laundry. The weather has finally turned into summer and its usual hot temperatures and high humidity so will be inside unless I'm in the pool.

I am am uber grateful for that 15 ft pool. Don't know why I didn't just go ahead and get one earlier, well I do know why. My husband was totally against it, and now he actually cleans it out and watches the chemicals.. a definite change on his part, another thing I can really appreciate.


Zuda Gay Pease said...

Beautiful necklace, EllieFae!!! And I love the kitty unique and adorable. Ooooo, a pool. That would very nice today.

AltheaP said...

This is just beautiful, Rose. So glad you're on the move again! Float in that water 'til your back gets strong again.

Unknown said...

The best of all possible well wishes for your back. Hope it is 100% or more soon!