Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An Attempt at Being a Diarist

I know I don't post very often. Summer is a very busy time of year especially with all the gardening going on. In an attempt to better record simple daily happenings I am posting today.

Morning.. delivered bookcase, computer desk, and file cabinet to my oldest granddaughter who lives about 30 minutes away. Went there with youngest daughter and enjoyed playing with Josiah, the Miracle Baby who continues to thrive and smile and is now crawling.

Came home picked a HUGE bowl of green beans, one of the stainless steel "mother bowls" as they are known around here. Hope someone comes by to pick some up. They are beautiful. I appreciate Erin's help in the picking.

After picking since we were very hot, Erin and I got in the pool and cooled off. Ate a bit of lunch and then pulled up some of the going to seed lettuce and planted beets and eggplant. Wasn't able to find eggplant starts so this is an experiment to see if the seeds will actually come up. These went into the raised bed. Soil there looks really good! Years of compost pays off!

Did not see the Manifesting Monday thread so let me say that I appreciate good health and prosperity and the way it continues for myself and my family. I love the beautiful flowers, vegetables, butterflies and birds. And, I am most appreciative that my relationship with my husband is improving. We've always been friends and that is enough:)

Big wind last night left leaves and debris scattered across the newly mown lawn. I'm thinking that it will lay there till its time to mow again at which time it will be chopped to bits. I'm sure not picking it up! More wind in the forecast for tonight anyways. What is it with the wind? Every year it increases. Chopping down too many trees!!

And, of course I can't resist a picture.. how about one near the pool. I'm very happy with the way that area has blossomed this year, it's a great place to relax.

Love and blessings to all!

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