Friday, June 19, 2009

A Bit of Wire Wrapping Re Enters My life

Recently I enjoyed making a few pieces of jewelry again. I had all but gotten rid of my beads and wire thinking that maybe I would never do this sort of work again. But, I am pleased that the urge to play with wire came at me again and I grabbed on and got busy. As is usually my habit I made the first pair from copper. I love the look of the copper especially with the peridot beads and the rosy headpins fromHigher ChakraSupply. For the silver ones I chose sodalite beads for the accents along with some 2mm silver beads and plain headpins. I like them. I'll wear them. My kids will wear them. It's all good!


Unknown said...

They are LOVELY!!!

Bri said...

Love the copper ones, but then again, I like anything copper! The colors just work so well together.