Friday, September 18, 2009


I am so happy that I have taken up bike riding.  I can even stay up on it!  As a child I did not demonstrate a great deal of talent in the area of bicycle riding.  Received a beautiful blue Western Flyer for my 12 th birthday and immediately ran into a tree and dented the front fender.  Still have a scar from another bicycling incident.  Thus, it was with a wee bit of trepidation that I approached the concept of getting on a bike and riding it.  I did fall off twice in the beginning, but  did not get badly hurt.  My pride was a bit dinged. 

My first adult bike was a purple Wal Mart one, not a bad bike, but not super like the one I have now.  I was never comfortable on it, couldn't quite reach the ground and felt all shaky.  But, now I'm "cooking with gas".. for my upcoming 63rd birthday my wonderful husband bought me a  comfort bike complete with soft seat and front shock, aluminum frame and upright handle bars.  I am one very grateful woman!  I love this new bike and I love riding it.  We've been going out to the park and teaching our granddaughter, Anah to ride.  She's just starting out and is using training wheels. 

We love to ride on Sunday mornings in town when there is very little traffic and are planning an excursion to the Katy Trail that winds along the Missouri river just as soon as the leaves turn colors.


MysticBlueRose said...

Hello, fellow biker!!!! Glad to see you've joined me in the biking adventure!!! Tell me more about your new bike as I am going to be moving from the adequate one I have now to another and need input!!!


Rose said...

My bike is a 09 model. Here is a link to the model for 2010... We purchased mine from I looked there,but couldn't find them any more. The seat is super cushy.. the ride is fantastic and love it that is like the old style girl's bikes. The aluminum frame is oh so light too!

MysticBlueRose said...

Thanks. A bit out of my price range, but I'm reading it's specs and seeing if I can find one that is similar but less costly!!!

Chauncey said...

sweet ride, Rose. Happy trails to you!

Douglas Gibb said...

Hi Rose,

I loving biking as well. It's great fun :) Don't do it nearly as often as I should though.

I've got 13month old Rhodesian Ridgeback - he loves it when I head out on the bike - yet, it always surprises me that I'm more worn out than he is :D

all the best,