Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Putting Away the Wire

And so today I finished packing away my wire and beads.  I can't seem to find time or inspiration to make jewelry right now so am concentrating on my knitting projects.

Completed the first pair of mittens which are for a charity project that I got hooked up with via an Etsy friend.  They will be sent to a reservation in S.D.  If I can just figure out how to eliminate the little hole where the thumb attaches on I'll be more than pleased with the outcome.  Have started pair #2.

I continue to make socks, socks, socks.. and am just about ready to begin a pair for me.

I love my new knitting needles.. not only are they a delight to look at with their brightly colored wood, they are so smooth the yarn just glides along.  You can see them here.

And, while I was organizing my jewelry making stuff I found a little tree of life pendant that was almost finished and completed it, adding some fluorite and rose quartz beads, a strand of leather and a ready made clasp and voila a new necklace!


The Tarot Lady said...

I love the pictures. You have real talent. I could never knit or do the jewelry. I am too impatient! LOL

Hazel Nut said...

I love the pendant, so beautiful. I can only imagine how many unfinished projects I have in my studio right now.

You take such great photos!

Do you think that if you got some thick thread or embroidery floss that matches the mittens that you could put a few small stitches in to close up the small hole? Just a thought.

Rose said...

Lisa, I have been closing it with yarn stitches so far.. embroidery floss just might work better!