Sunday, July 11, 2010

Slow Down Rosie

Ok.. here I am today all wound up and still not taking time out to rest.  The whole thing with my daughter has consumed my time and my energy over the past days.

I find myself at times being resentful because I do so much for so many people.  That happens when I get very tired.  Then I get angry at myself for not being more giving.  That happens less these days than it used to in years past. I do love progress!

Daughter is having surgery tomorrow for a "blowout" fracture in her right orbital socket.  Hopefully it will be same day surgery, incision through conjunctival tissue and quick recovery.  I will be staying there tomorrow to take care of her kiddos.

This morning I made spaghetti sauce for one of the local homeless shelters.  Since youngest daughter's conversion to Islam, she has become quite good about volunteering to feed these people and offers me the opportunity to help out.  So I do.  Although it is a difficult for me to say, being so anti-religion for so long, I can see that her religious choices have helped her mature into a gracious caring young woman.

The rain has affected the veggie gardens.  The tomatoes are slow coming on, but seem to be growing well now.  I picked the first cucumber today and there are more on the vines.  Have seen an increase in honeybees which may be why the cucumbers are setting on nice fruit this year.  Hubs planted some "San Merino" tomatoes, a sweet Italian variety similar to Romas, have yet to pick one, but two are nearly ripe.  Plan to make a freezer sauce from these off of a recipe where you bake them in the oven w/garlic and herbs.  Planted more sweet corn and green beans today.  The first plantings produced but not enough to freeze. Am enjoying  using lots of fresh basil and other herbs. 

Loving the new pool and getting in as often as possible.  Still doing Five Tibetan Rites sporadically, working out and lifting some weights. 

Knitting on sweater continues.  Just cast on second sleeve.  Body is complete.  This is my first sweater and I am finding it takes quite a chunk of time to complete, but the joy is often in the work.. eh?

Ok.. now I am slowing down and breathing.. in and out.. in and out..

I seem to keep myself wound up tightly so I can keep up with all these things that I want to do and enjoy doing.  Yesterday I was tired a grumpy, but it passed.  My mother was much the same.  My granddaughter asked me yesterday if I only felt good when I was doing something.  So, I am thinking I might benefit from slowing down.  So I did for the time it took me to type this blog, and now something is buzzing at me.. the oven.. the washer, the dryer??   Guess I'll go check it out..
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Blondi Blathers said...

I can sure relate to that tension when there seems to be so much to do and so little time to do it in. I can't win, so I am giving myself chunks of time during the day to JUST SIT and look out the window, or walk admiringly through my flower beds (can't stop myself from pulling weeds though), or whatever. It's hard to do when I feel so behind! But to hell with it. Good luck to you, too. We really need to put down this "gotta do"weight we're carrying, my friend.

Unknown said...

Hoping all went well with your daughters surgery.
While I was reading your post I could see myself in
many things you were saying. It is hard to just " Be ".
I have worked on that for a long time and it still
alludes me. Take care xx