Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Keeping You in Stitches

                                                          By Sandy and Elaine

In the past, friends, neighbors and relatives often came together to help each other.  Women gathered for quilting bees and men for barn raisings.  In this country today, however, social isolation is at an all time high.  Television, the internet and a fast paced lifestyle have all contributed to the creation of a society in which many sit at home alone in front of a flickering screen.

Tuesday Morning Hooks, Yarns and Thinkers is part of a movement back to a simpler time when folks met, worked and interacted with each other face to face.  We are much more than an arts, crafts or needlework club. We are a group of friends, neighbors and relatives with like minded interests and we are never lacking in ways to interact.  We share news, patterns, techniques and knowledge and we laugh a lot.

Gardening is a hot topic in the growing season.  Did your tomatoes do well this year?   Do you have a recipe for a great salsa? What variety of corn are you planting?  And, you may even find surplus veggies being passed out to any taker.

The wide variety of life experiences of our members shows in the stories they tell.  Inga grew up in Germany and was there during World War II.  Her stories are absolutely riveting.  Ginny has lived in many other countries and she is a fount of information on their cultures.  Mary came to Missouri from Minnesota and she can tell you just how cold it can get up North.  Lively communication like this is the highlight of our meetings.

There is a loss of community in this country, and we are seeing its reflection in a diminishing of physical health and emotional well-being.  We have a great remedy for loneliness: Find something you love to do and find a group of people who do it together on a regular basis.  It’s simple.  It’s easy and it’s free.  Come join Hooks, Yarns and Thinkers at the Moberly Library any Tuesday morning at 9:30.  Bring a yarn of your own and spin it!


Rebecca said...

So true. Even if you feel tired after a long day, getting to that group you belong to is refreshing and offers a lovely new perspective on whatever is on your mind. Thanks for sharing this!

Blondi Blathers said...

I *always* have to force myself out the door to attend any group gathering, and later I am *always* glad I did.