Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Newspaper Article #2

                                               By Elaine and Sandy

“What’s In a Name?”…

Why is it that when a group of people of like interests begin meeting on a regular basis, they decide their group needs a name?  Our particular needlework bunch came to that idea several months into our schedule.  Beverly declared, “We need a name!”  And we went home with orders to think on that and come up with something fitting, maybe even clever.

The next two meetings saw us trying out everyone’s ideas.  Someone suggested “Happy Hookers” and, after a few laughs, we decided that wasn’t really an image we’d like to project. Another had heard of a group, “Stitch and Bitch” – there again, perhaps not a fitting moniker.  We rejected both.  However, in the last Herrschner’s catalog we discovered they were selling books entitled, “Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation” and “The Happy Hooker!” 

A consensus was that the name needed to reflect the day we meet.  A current selection from the Little Dixie Reading group, “The Friday Night Knitting Club” provided some influence.  We didn’t want to be copycats, but when a member’s daughter suggested Tuesday Morning Hooks, Yarns and Thinkers we fell for it – hook, line and sinker! 

Just a reminder:  We meet every Tuesday morning 9:30 – 11:30, in the Little Dixie Regional Library, upstairs. Just look for the sign. The earlier you arrive, the more likely you are to find a parking spot.

Instructors are always available in both knitting and crochet. Other crafts are always welcome.  We are currently searching for an instructor for tatting.  If you know someone please tell us.

 For more information call: 660-530-8495

This is the second article that my friend Sandy and I wrote for the local newspaper. 

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