Monday, December 13, 2010

Tempus Fugit

Having been very lax in my blog posts I will attempt a sort of catch up thing here today.

October ended with a great Halloween party for the grandchildren and their friends.  I really got into this year and decorated a lot more and dressed up.  Everyone had a good time.

November started off quite sadly when our newly adopted dog was run down and killed by a car.  Good bye Duke, you were a good dog.

Thanksgiving happened.  I was sick and very grateful to my girls for helping out with the dinner. 

And now its almost time for Christmas.  The tree is up the gifts are purchased and we await the day.

I shall not promise to keep up with blogging, but perhaps in the dark cold days to come I will find more time to do so.  I hope all who read this are happy healthy and ready for the holiday season.

Much LOVE.


Blondi Blathers said...

Always happy to see an entry from you.
Sad about Duke.

Milena said...

Rose, what a stunning Halloween shot of you :) So sorry to hear about your dog. The photos of your grandchildren are so full of spirit, I can see the love between you and them in every new photograph.

Rose said...

Aw thanks so much for the grandchildren comment.. I do love them very much!