Friday, January 7, 2011

Feeling Good!

I am excited that 2011 is off to such a rocking good beginning.  I read somewhere that the year will unfold much as the first week has and if that holds true then I am definitely in for the best year of my life so far.

Christmas was good, all of the family were in attendance in spite of a nearly 5 inch snow fall the night before.  The snow was incredibly beautiful, the wet soft kind that hangs on all the trees.  The grandchildren were happy to go outside and play for a good part of the afternoon.

I continue to enjoy knitting and writing for the local newspaper.

I finished my polar bear hat and another pair of socks and am currently working on a pair of mittens for my Anah.  They are yet another stranded color work pattern, this one with cats.  Anah does love cats!



Blondi Blathers said...

That polar bear hat is gorgeous. Are you taking orders? I need one just like that ... to wear with my three-quarter-length mink! Maybe that sounds silly, but ... in this country a girl needs something with ear flaps. I bought a nice hat with a brim and no flaps, and even if I pull it down over my ears it's still not warm. Not real wool, maybe? I don't know. I'm considering one of those hats with ear-flaps and fur, but think it won't match my hand-me-down mink too well!

Rose said...

LOL@ taking orders.. But at any rate I think at hat like that would be quite chic with a 3/4 mink! My hat is uber warm.. stranded knitting produces double thickness. So good to hear from dear Katie May :)