Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I vowed not to ever have another dog after the untimely and grisly passing of Duke.  Anah, my granddaughter, never let an opportunity pass when she thought she could change my mind.  At last, I told her that if the Universe sent us a dog then I would adopt it. 

Thus, near the end of June I was outside when I heard a sound coming from under the deck.  Huddled there was a tiny brown bundle of fur, whimpering softly and scared half to death.  She was so cute (aren't they all?) and so needy.  And, after all what do you do when the Universe sends you a puppy?  I couldn't help but love her and Anah was and remains beside herself ecstatic that she has a dog now.  Naming honors went to Anah who chose "Natty". I thought, how cool.  She named her after Bob Marley's song, "Natty Dread.".. Oops not so.  Her cousin, Lainey also has a new dog and her name is "Maddy."  She wanted a sound alike name.

Life with a puppy is challenging and quite a change.  I feel a bit sorry for my cats at times.  Their lives have definitely changed but I figure they have a cat tree if they really don't want to play.

Looks like Natty is going to be a big dog.  She weighs 46 lbs at abt age six months.  She is brindled and Anah says she is a "Tasmanian Wolf" which seems to be some sort of prehistoric critter she read about. She has those deep brown eyes that seem to look right into you and see all your secrets.  She's not always very biddable but we work constantly on teaching her to behave well.  Its kind of like having a baby again.  Its work, its fun.. and after all every farm really should have a dog.  Thanks Universe!